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The Definitive Guide to Loops in Ruby
In this article you will learn many different ways to write a Ruby loop. A loop lets you repeat some[...]
Everything You Need to Know About Nil
Nil... What is it, really? Well, nil is just a Ruby object. As you can see here: [crayon-5a611afe54d4b834291969/] There is[...]
Ruby Is Hiding Errors From You!
Ruby will intentionally hide some exceptions from you. Sometimes this can be useful. Like when using the Kernel#loop method with[...]
Learn to Implement & Use Prefix Trees in Ruby
A prefix tree (also known as a trie) is a data structure that helps you organize a word list &[...]
Atom Tricks, Plugins & Shortcuts for Ruby Developers
If you are using Atom for Ruby development then you probably know that there are plugins (packages in Atom) that[...]
Build Your Own Link Shortener App with Ruby & Sinatra
If you are looking for a little project to work on & practice your Ruby skills then you are in[...]
Performance Improvements in Ruby 2.5
New Ruby versions keep improving & Ruby 2.5 is no different. Ruby 2.5 is introducing some optimizations: String interpolation will[...]
Turn Rows Into Columns With The Transpose Method
Imagine that you have a perfect grid, let's say a 3x3 square, in the form of a multi-dimensional array. And[...]
Array#zip Method
Let's say that you want to compare two arrays, element by element so you can find the differences. Or maybe[...]
7 Little-Known Ruby Methods To Help You Write Better Code
Did you know that using the right Ruby method can save you a lot of work? The more methods you[...]
Build an Image Downloader in Ruby
Build an Image Downloader in Ruby Watch this video to learn how to build an image dowloader program step-by-step using[...]
Code Reading Adventures in The Land of Ruby
I always recommend code reading, not only because it's good for improving your skills, but also because it's like an[...]
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